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the play
Waiting For J.T.

Written and Directed by J. Divinelove



Waiting For J.T.

Waiting For JT

In this urban drama, Malcolm, a runaway wannabe rapper, and Rustin, an abused naïve book smart kid, are homeless teenage dropouts who, to survive, find themselves on a block selling bottled water to cars as they pass by all while waiting for their big chance to meet the elusive and deceiving J.T. (a rapper and social media influencer) who they believe will sign them to a record deal leading to a life off the block and out of the hood. Then, one day of happenstance changes everything. 

Our Cast 


Khalil Jeffries

"Creative and energetic. A voice of the youth. Well done."


Jan Patney

"Absolutely what needs to be seen and heard in our community right now! Brilliant adaptation." 

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